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7 Effective digital marketing tactic and strategies in 2019

Are you trying new marketing tactics and efforts with practiced strategies to tackle the changes in the marketing Industry in 2019?

Experiment with new marketing tactics and efforts are essential to embrace and tackle the changing phenomenon of marketing Industry.

Marketers who are looking for ultimate success should continuously try new tactics/marketing strategies and think different ways to handle the challenge of changing the environment.

They have to be fearless to take a risk and apply the trial and error process to find the best ways that work for your business.

Top marketing professional always welcomes the changes and are passionate to try new things rather than apply the same marketing over and over again.

85% to 90% of the customers nowadays prefer online shopping than visit shop physically. The search engine, YouTube video, social media platform, email, content marketing, forum, blog, Pay Per Click (PPC) paid campaign on Google or Facebook, even your website all are very imperative digital channels to connect with your prospective buyer. Digital marketing allows applying several digital tactics & strategies that persuade people to become your customers.

Marketing campaigner uses PPC ads to directly send the traffic to your website that hopefully end in conversions/ sales. A series of the Blog post and Content marketing can serve the purpose of generating brand recognition & awareness, lead generation, and increase in customers.

Traditional marketing such as leaflet, billboard, advertisement is no longer popular as it cannot reach as many people as it is possible with digital marketing within the same budget.

Take a look at the top strategies that marketer should apply in 2019:


  1. Inbound marketing with personalized/interactive content strategy

2019 is all about better customer experience, so producing conversational and personalized content is gaining importance than ever. Now, it is not enough to highlight your products or services, you have to deal with your customer’s emotions, passion, love, and aspiration.

Content marketing is creating valuable content to allow you and your clients to communicate with each other, educate and entertain your customers about your brand, product, and services. Inbound content marketing techniques attract customers to you rather than you seeking them.

Interactive content marketing (inbound marketing) like articles, newsletters, blog, chat/feedback option, quizzes, infographics, podcasts, illustration, videos, animation emails, – ensure consumer’s involvement and better tune to the consumer needs, help you to earn customers believe in what you’re selling?

Todays’ marketers must have a handful of knowledge and understanding of producing custom, interactive, conversational audio and video content to increase leads and conversions in the upcoming years.

Benefits of interactive content marketing

– Content marketing is preferred marketing approach as it is using as a tool to deliver valuable information about your product or services and have a great impact on creating a brand value.

-Blog, social media page, live chat option makes it easier than ever for the customer to approach you, to get solutions for their query.

– Quizzes, interactive infographics, illustration can help you tell your business’s story in a more dynamic way and increase brand recognition.

– Content marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing, however, can generate more leads

How can you generate ideas of content marketing?

– Quora is a great source to come up with content writing ideas. This is the place where you can get the ideas of people interest and their query, and the areas people need help.

– competitor analysis is a great way to get an idea of what’s the type of content they are producing and performing well to reach a similar target audience. You can use tools or experts’ marketers to research your competitor’s website and suggest some content ideas.

– one effective way is to use google search console to see which topics or search keywords are helping to rank your site. You will get an idea of real keywords people are using or typed in for your services. Pick those keywords to produce quality content.

Social media marketing
Social Media Marketing
  1. Embrace emerging social media channels

Social media marketing is one of the most important paths in digital marketing. You can reach millions of your target audience within a very short time and reasonable cost. Social platforms are offering incredible marketing opportunity to spreading your business worldwide. So, if you are not using these prospects, obviously you are missing something essential for your business.

Social media marketing has many advantages for both start-ups and established brands. The competition is increasing on social media so a marketing expert can help you with regular updating and applying the right social media marketing strategies that best for your business.

 Benefits of social media marketing

  • If you want to increase brand recognition and brand loyalty, Social media marketing will be your right choice
  • Regular communication and information posted in social media about your product or services ensure the better customer experience
  • Your social presence in facebook, twitter, Reddit helps to increase your customers’ reliability and acceptability
  • Paid campaign to engage customer, likes and share are extremely helpful to create a positive impression of your business
  • marketing cost in social media is relatively low than other digital marketing tactics and platform
  • Social media marketing can take your business to the next level.

Top social media market place

Social media marketing (SMM) on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are popular to target specific groups and audiences and can easily convince people to buy your products or services.  These platforms should be used extensively to get out of the best of your business.

Emerging social media marketing channel

Although the above mentioned are proven social media platforms to reach consumers, new social media channels will allow you to explore more creative methods and reach consumers in new and exciting ways.

A professional marketer always explores the up-and-coming social media platforms to tell business stories with interactive content. If you want to stand out in the competition in 2019, you have to do what your competitors are not doing.

Facebook and Instagram have quickly become swarming with advertisements, scams, and people are losing their interest in Twitter, so new and exciting social media channels can be a great place to promote your business, and you can take the benefits of early birds.

i) Vero vs Instagram

An alternative to Instagram, Vero is a simple content sharing app allows easy sharing of photos, post links, with your friend, close friend, acquaintance, and followers. Vero also has advanced features of creating a different collection of your posts into links, photos, videos which are not available on Instagram.

This inspirational new campaign platform can be used as a research and discovery purpose and to apply your creativity as a marketer.

ii) Musical.ly as a substitute of snapchat

Musical.ly is offering opportunities for marketers to create shorter, 15 seconds to 1-minute videos called “live moments” to engage their audience. It has interactive features like Ask a question, Duet, fest fan forever to connect the community and can be a better substitute of snapchat or vine.

iii) Steemit as an alternative to Reddit

Steemit is an up-and-coming social media platform, with the concept that you should get paid for your content. Its rewards the digital Steemit tokens or upvotes for post sharing, voting, and curing.

This platform could have huge implications for marketers in the near future.

whiter hat seo
White Hat SEO
  1. Using “white hat” and manual SEO techniques and longtail keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is must, to Increase traffic to the website and organic ranking of the website in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. Local Search Engine Optimization can make your business visible to the local search results.

A good marketer should always follow “white hat” and manual SEO techniques to increase the reputation of your website over the internet. “white hat SEO” refers improves your search rankings without breaking the rules of the major search engines, including Google.

Black hat SEO practices can get your site banned from Google and other search engines and also cause a drastic drop in website traffic and your business reputation.

White hat SEO practices include good quality content, making your site mobile friendly and easy to navigate, keyword rich meta tags and title, description and ensure fastest loading time.

SEO is well worth investing in, for continuous results for the foreseeable future and better ROI in the long term.

On page SEO optimization is to improve your content with strategically placed keywords. Optimization of title tags, meta tags & meta keywords, site content optimization is extremely important to outperform your competitor and secure your potion in the market.

Back-Link building, Blog creation & Optimization, Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Infographic Sharing, these off page SEO optimization helps to increase site domain authority and improve the ranking of your website.

Benefits of SEO

  • SEO helps to find your website in search results when any person searches for your targeted keywords or phrases
  • One of the biggest benefits of SEO marketing is to help your audience to find you when they want that information or services organically. SEO produce quality traffic who come to your site spontaneously.
  • SEO is known as cost-effective marketing and improves your return on investment in the long run.

You should avoid some SEO mistakes

We know that keywords are the most important part of SEO ranking, however, since Google introduce Hummingbird in 2013, it starts prioritizing the user intend of using those keywords. So, avoid using the keywords repeatedly on your content.

You should not select & target those keywords with high search volume to rank your site. Instead, long tail and less competitive keywords are easier and more effective to get a good result.

Only keyword optimized page titles and headings are no longer sufficient to achieve your SEO target, quality content is very important.  It’s really needed much more effort and research to produce good quality content and draw Google’s attention.


Google My Business Page
Google My Business Page
  1. Use Google my business as a powerful tool of local search marketing in 2019

Google gives you the opportunity to rank your business on the first page (without any paid advertisement) with your keywords if someone search locally. How?  Through “Google My Business” you can get a lot more attention from local customers. You may not realize the value in being found by local consumers, but trust me it can be a game-changing opportunity for your business offered by Google.

If you are a marketer utilize this gold mine for your clients. The last few years many businesses take this advantage and many just underestimate. Google my business allows your business to show in the google map and it’s very easy to update your business profile, so no chance of becomes out of date.

It’s time to optimize your local search results, creating a rich google my business page with as much information possible about your business and also do not forget about the google reviews.

  1. 2019 is the year of Video SEO & 360° video content marketing

A large number of businesses using videos because of its popularity, especially in social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Video marketing/SEO is becoming much more important for showing product demos, products manufacturing process, displaying your office, promotional video for services. Marketers are using personalized video messages rather than phone calls or emails, often refer 1 to 1 video approach to promote businesses.

A new approach to video is 360-degree videos.  360° video ads are a fantastic way of highlighting your brand and products.

360-degree video content is on the rise in 2019 for interactive communication with your customers. 360° videos are now something people are increasingly interested in, and 72% of Businesses have experienced dramatical improvement in their conversion rate. So, incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy in 2019 is no longer a matter of thinking rather an essential competent.

360-degree video allows viewers to see your displaying product or services from every angle just swiping their mobile or tablet screen.

It is vital that you research before investing time/money for creating a video for your business and hire an expert marketer to exploit the benefits of video’s dynamism and ‘sci-fi’ quality.

  1. Put all efforts to increase your company’s visibility in search

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a term that refers to putting all the efforts to increase your company’s visibility in search. It covers both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing and any effort to ensure search visibility.

As we already know from above discussion SEO increase organic traffic to businesses in the long run while PPC ads are the perfect solution for your business If you want high return within a short period of time. Pay Per Click (PPC) is Paid campaign, however, most profitable marketing strategy and you can see the result immediately. If you run PPC ad, you have to pay a fee each time someone clicks on your ad on Google, other search engine and social media sites.

You can run PPC paid campaigns, in Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, etc.

 Benefits of PPC Marketing

-Immediate visibility of your business on Google, Facebook, Instagram

-Show your advert to those who are looking for your services or products

-You will see almost instant results of your investment

-Target customers at the right time when they search what you offer

-You can measure the results in real time

Pay per Click (PPC) paid campaign on google & Facebook or Social media marketing can provide immediate visibility on the search engine and a substantial amount of traffic in less time. However, for continuous results for the foreseeable future and better ROI in the long term, SEO (keywords research, on-page optimization & off- page optimization) is well worth investing in.



  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies if you can use it effectively. Email marketing is very powerful to build a relationship with your customers. By email your customer’s valuable information, and asking them about your product or service feedback you can motivate them to take action and future purchase from your company.

Benefits of email marketing:

Personalized engagement can be created if you build a relationship with your customers by informative email.

You can promote your content by email marketing. If you send your target audience the relevant content that can add value to them, they will be loyal to you gradually.

Email marketing is a great tool for promoting your Product/services and generate quality leads.

Delight your customer with enchanting promotion, discount, promo code to realized them as valued customers

Types of email marketing

Blog article promotion or Newsletter

Make an email that can have some visual attraction and simple format. Send weekly and monthly published articles to your customers that carry some information and they can get benefits or something very interesting to read.

Social media or Event Invitation

If you want to invite your customers for any event or want to visit your social media page, in your email, mention some main points using bullet and optimize email by using brief sentence and a short paragraph.

Product new features email

This type of email should be very short and straight forward, as the customers do not like this type of email. Prepare an email with a clear headline and a brief description, and send a link where customers can easily get the update directly on visiting the link and know the new features of your products.

New content publishing email

This type of email is used to promote offers such as sale, free trial, coupon, etc and there should be a clear call to action links for your customers on the landing page. You can add images to make the message clearer to your target customers.

Conclusion: Digital marketing strategy, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social media marketing (SMM) are the marketing strategy you obviously apply to your business alternatively that best suits your business. However, if you want a good start in 2019, do not be afraid to work with new digital marketing strategies and platform.

We’re often afraid of taking risk and uncertainty and trapped doing the same marketing activities year after year.

Applying new opportunity is often what distinguished top marketing professionals from beginners.

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