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7 Top Pay Per Click (PPC) Trends & Insights for 2019

7 Top PPC Trends & Insights for 2019

Marketing is a dynamic world, things and trends are kept changes, so it’s obvious that success depends on how successfully you can cope with these changes and replicate the trend in your marketing strategy.

2019 is another surprising year in the field of PPC marketing. Let’s have a look at what PPC experts are predicting for 2019 and the top trends that you should know to promote your business.

Google rebranded AdWords as Google Ads, is one of the changes among many. Google encourages new campaign type instead of traditional, keywords match targeting now shifted towards audience targeting and many improved targeting tools has been launched by google to support this new movement. Bing Ads also introduced lots of new features and improvements including LinkedIn profile targeting.

Contemporary Seven PPC trends that you should get on in 2019 are:

  1. Bye Keywords, Welcome Target Audience

After dominating the search engine for quite a long time Keyword strategy now being shifted towards audience-targeting. Keywords will be important but no more consider as primary search control. In 2019, if you do not focus on the context and people, you are not in the right direction.

Many of the marketers have the same opinion that you have to think about both audiences and keywords as they still work hand-in-hand. However, the extra challenges in 2019 are how audience data can be segmented, optimizing customers segments and to shape the paid campaign strategy accordingly.


  1. More Automation + Human Intelligence

Automation is not new but the search engine is preferring more automation. Google is improving its built-in automation and is encouraging that the ads should be “ads that work for everyone”. Manual campaign management technique is no longer effective, handling a large number of data manually is time-consuming and tedious. Rather, using smart automation features forbid tracking, or reporting make the things easier and offer more success to the marketer.

Though markets are inspiring to do the repetitive job by leveraging machine, they can still apply their creativity and knowledge to set out a campaign strategy and creating unique ads.

In 2019 it will be more important for the marketer to diversify their PPC spending and utilize the opportunities to reach customers with greater personalization and exactness.


 3.Emerging New AD Type

In 2019 it’s more important for the marketer to diversify their PPC spending and utilize the opportunities to reach customers with greater personalization and exactness. New ad types and features being introduced in2019 by Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Bing. For example, Bing ads are testing local inventory ads to drive in-store customer visits. Facebook introduces an instant storefront template format that can automatically create a personalized video for users. Emerging of new ad types will be amazing for a marketer to target and reach customers in a more personalized way.


  1. Cross-Channel Advertising Experiences

PPC experts are expecting an increased focus on cross-channel and cross-device attribution in 2019. It’s being easier than ever to build well-coordinated advertising across different platform.  Marketers have to connect the dots across devices and channels to make the most out of this marketing strategy. More companies in 2019 will embrace a multi-channel campaign for greater success.


 5. Remarketing Takes the attention

Marketers will look for combining the remarketing with a social ad, that may help them to bring the customers back to the website. This evident that remarking is a very effective way to increase conversion and increase ROI.


  1. Videos the next big thing

Videos have appeared as the popular form of mobile content and are particularly important to attract the target audience. So, its imagining that spending in a video especially creating vertical video ads will be the marketer’s preference in 2019.


  1. Brand Building

2019 will be about creating brand affinity and brand loyalty. Previously, companies were paid little attention to brand loyalty but the rapid expansion of digital media, social networks, online forum, and Blogs has empowered consumers and have changed the concept of branding. Marketers will pay more attention to emotions, passion and consumers’ response.

No doubt, several known & unknowns features in the PPC campaign makes the year 2019 more challenging for PPC marketers.


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