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Website terms and Conditions

Website Development Stages

  • Flexbox will start the project once the order will be confirmed by client in written form and

the agreed deposit received.

  • Clients are expected to give prompt feedback requested by Flexbox in each stage of the project to avoid the delay.
  • Once the client sends an email confirming approval of the design to Flexbox, any changes after the final approval will incur additional costs.
  • After getting the final design confirmation we will convert the design to functional format.
  • We will deliver the project once we received the final and full payment from the clients and all necessary formalities have been fulfilled.
  • we will correct/solve if any functional problem arises within two weeks from the launch date. After this period. all changes or fixing any problem will be subject to an hourly rate of £10.00/hour.

Timeline of the Development

  • A development schedule will be created after the receipt of the first deposit/payment.
  • A rough project completion schedule will be provided to the client, subject to reschedule or delay based on circumstances like repeated revision of design, feedback delay from client, requirement changes.
  • We are dedicated to complete the project on time, however, if any delay happened from our site, we will inform the client with the valid reason of delay.


Payment schedule

  • First payment 30% of total agreed amount will be due once we received the confirmation from the client to start the project, 50% payment due once the client confirms the final design by email and 20% will due on final test, before launch. Any delay of the payment may cause delay of the project and even can cause termination of the contact.

Content & Graphics Materials

  • All content, images, videos, and materials provided to Flexbox to use for the website should meet the copyright law. Flex box Ltd will not be held responsible for any enforcement by any party.


Termination of Contract & Refund Policy

  • Under any circumstance, the customer has the right to terminate the agreement with Flexbox, but the termination notice has to be received by email. We will retain 50% of the deposit amount if informed within 5 days and will retain 100% if we received the cancellation notice after 7 days.
  • Flexbox have the right to terminate the contact at any reason, and will not charge any amount if there is no faults or misconduct or breach of conditions from client side. We will inform our client if we have to take such decision.
  • If the termination take place because of any faults or misconduct or breach of conditions from client side, we will charge based on the % of work completed. We will inform the clients by email with the proper explanation why we are terminating the contact and the charge for the percentage of work been done.
  • Flexbox has the right to terminate the contract and invoice for full payment if any of the following circumstances arise

-Any illegal demands from clients

-if no response is received from the client within 20 working days after the first deposit  receipt. -If payment is not received within 2 weeks from the due date. (first payment 30% of total agreed amount will be due once we received the confirmation from the client to start the project, 50% payment due once the client confirms the final design by email and 20% will due on final test, before launch.            

-Full contract value will need to be paid if any client wants to restart the project after termination.


  • Flexboxltd have the ownership of the website that ordered by the clients until full payments are made by the client.


  • All requirements and instructions from the client must be published in written format by email. We will not accept any verbal instruction given by our client.

Project delivery

  • Project will be delivered or ownership of the website will be transferred to the client once the full payment will be made by the client.


  • We keep our client’s site backup until delivery it to the clients, after that its client responsibility to keep a backup of their website. We will, retain the site information and back up if a maintenance package is in place.

Display right

  • FLexboxLtd have the right to display its name on all its work/project/development and show all its development/work in the portfolio.


Digital marketing & SEO terms

  • The clients must not avail any services from any other company, when Flexbox team are running or doing any online marketing or/ and SEO working on client’s website.
  • Clients should avoid activities that may increase spam on their site, and restrict their involvement to any activities that may affect the result of our working.


Results you can expect from our online marketing & SEO

  • Usually results will visible within the 15 to 24 weeks from our work starting date. We prioritize to bring your site on the first page of Google when someone type with the targeted keywords. Your site will also get good rank on other search engines like Yahoo, AOL, Bing etc. for targeted keywords. To get this result client have to take complete SEO services or packages that includes keyword research, on-page SEO optimization, off-page SEO optimization and/or suggested marketing services by our team).
  • If our clients purchase any particular package they will be benefited up to a certain level, within the scope of the service.
  • We cannot guarantee any certain amount of traffic to your site within any particular time frame.
  • We apply all manual and legal optimization techniques to rank your site, so it’s not very quick process and you need to keep running some online marketing and/or apply new marketing strategy to hold you ranking on search engine.
  • As the market in very competitive and things are keep changing, we cannot guarantee any ranking for any certain period.